Discover Milos

Milos, a beautiful island of unparalleled beauty, is an ideal destination for those who wish to visit a special destination, that offers tranquility, relaxation and a combination of history, activities and unique attractions. Some of the best places to visit in Milos are:
Milos is famous for its more than 75 beautiful beaches with blue waters and white sandy beaches. The main things to explore during your visit to Milos are:
Kleftiko - Milos: The volcanic white rocks on the sea and the blue waters of Kleftiko impress visitors. It is said that pirates used to have Kleftiko as a base and as a refuge before and after their attacks respectively.
Sarakiniko - Milos: A beach that is surrounded by volcanic white rocks instead of sand. The harmony of white and crystal blue make this place truly remarkable.
Firopotamos - Milos: Splash in color! The colorful fishing village, as the doors and windows of the white houses are painted in different colors. Swimming at the Firopotamos is a unique experience, as the view contains fisherman's houses, historic sites and a seabed worth exploring.
Firiplaka - Milos: A long beach with crystal clear waters and white sand. Firiplaka beach is separated in the middle by a large characteristic rock. On one side, there is tranquility for those looking for relaxation, while on the other hand, the organized beach offers the vividness of summer holidays. Whatever side you will choose you will not regret it.

Tsigrado - Milos: The hidden beach, quite secluded, which attracts the few who want to get to know it. Its beauty lies in the fact that it is quite short in length and its uniqueness in the way it is to be accessed through the rock by the use of a staircase that starts from high up on the rock, passes through it and ends in white sandy beach of Tsigrados.

Paleochori - Milos: One of the most popular beaches of Milos, it is located about 10 kilometers from Adamas and its volcanic morphology, as well as the reddish color of the rock that surrounds it, make it special.

Agia Kiriaki - Milos: A beach with archaeological findings. It is surprising that on this beach various findings, such as ancient vases, are buried in the sand. The length of the beach reaches 600 meters and is ideal for days with north wind for water sports.

Provatas - Milos: The golden sandy beach is suitable for young children due to the shallow waters. It is very easy to access as you reach through the road.

Papafragas - Milos: A small beach with soft fine sand. It is said to have also been used as a base for pirates and is well worth a visit because of the important prehistoric settlement of Fylakopi.

Halogomandra - Milos: A beach that is not visible from the road. Hidden with the help of tall rocks with a large cave or corral. Because of its shape took the name of Halogomadra, in other words «Horse shepherd». It is next to the small port of Agios Konstantinos. Its waters are turquoise and give moments of tranquility on the white, fine sand.

Gerontas - Milos: A short bay with tall white rocks. Its characteristic is the natural rocky bridge, which connect the land with a small rock located in the sea. The access is by boat and more difficult by car, because of the dirt road.

Adamas - Milos: A tourist village, one of the most popular on the island, distinguished for its variety of taverns, restaurants, cafes, tourist shops and nightlife. And all these on a paved sidewalk that gives the ultimate aura of Milos. Explore Milos starting with Adamas. Adamas is the port where most catamaran, kayak and boat tours begin to appear to be unexplored on the map of Milos, as a vehicle cannot reach them.
Plaka - Milos: A picturesque village located 7 kilometers from the Adamas area. The capital of Milos, with its picturesque trails, narrow alleys, taverns, local shops and mansions, all on an extensive cobblestone alley.
Pollonia - Milos: A picturesque village as well as a second port of Milos. It is situated about 10 kilometers from Adamas. Here you will find fresh fish and fish taverns for seafood lovers. Here it is said that the temple of Apollo used to be here in ancient times.
Clima - Milos: A romantic and at the same time picturesque village consisting of the unique settlement of Milos, the Syrmata. The Syrmata were the fishermen's houses with colorful doors and windows. All the houses are in front of the sea and the view you can get is unique. It is less than 6 kilometers from Adamas Port.
Trypiti - Milos: A picturesque seaside village, characterized by countless holes in the rocks around the village. Here is the church of Agios Nikolaos and nearby are the famous Christian Catacombs as well as the Ancient Theater.